The procedure for eyelash extensions is really quite simple. After discussing your style you will lay down in a comfortable setting and I will have look up at the ceiling so I can place under eye pads over your bottom lashes, these are somewhat like soft stickers and only take a second to put on. After your eye pads are on you will close your eyes and I will check with you that they are comfortable and not bugging you anywhere.

Next I use saline to clean your natural lashes which will remove any oils or debris from your natural lashes for better adhesion. After that I simply start applying individual synthetic lashes to your individual natural lashes one by one until your eyelashes are completely full. The only eyelashes that will not be lashed would be “baby lashes” that are just coming in and are not strong enough to hold a false lash. 

It is completely normal if you feel your eyes fluttering a bit! Don’t worry, as it stops after just few minutes once you let yourself relax.

Procedure for a fill:

The procedure for a fill is much like having your initial set done. The only difference is I remove any lashes that have grown out and are now sitting in the middle or on the end of your natural lash. This is either done with a special gel or by special technique both are painless. 

What is a fill and how do I know when to get one?

A fill is needed when you notice your extensions are not looking as full as when you first had them done. Most commonly my clients come back for a fill between 3 to 4 weeks. Deciding on when you come for a fill is a combination of the percentage of lashes you have left and also preference. Some clients who like them looking perfect all the time will come at two weeks to keep them totally full; others who have a long growth cycles can go beyond four weeks. It really depends on the person’s growth cycle, life routines and after care. You will get a better idea of time frame you will need to fill after the first time getting one. 

My goal is to gently work while having a comfortable atmosphere for you to relax listening to music, have a little chat or completely fall asleep (snore away)!  Feel free to let me know your music preference or if you’d prefer to hear something more interesting such as a Ted talk! 

After care: 

After having your eyelash extensions applied you must not get them wet for 24 hours in order to let the glue fully bond. This also means avoiding anything to do with moisture such as saunas or heavy sweating. Other than avoiding these few things you should also incorporate being gentle with your eyes, such as not rubbing your eyes vigorously. Do your best to sleep on your back or even invest in an awesome 3-D sleep mask.

With eyelash extensions you shouldn’t need mascara or much I make up but if you do decide to use make up it’s definitely best to use oil free makeup as oil is what lifts the glue. This mascara is a great one 

Something I recently discovered this year was silk pillowcases which are just absolutely AMAZING for your hair and skin in general but will definitely help with softness on your extensions while you sleep.